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Statistics point to the fact that over 70% of bearing failure occurs due to lack of Greasing. This is one of the key areas that are more often than not overlooked but unfortunately to the detriment of the machine. Who needs a squeaky machine anyway? Well, the answer is, no one. This is where HAWINS comes into play. With its highly qualified service technicians to attend to the greasing system then squeaky machines will be a thing of the past. We provide a viable lubrication management systems and effectively troubleshoot lubrication related problems immediately while at the same time offering essential information required to reduce downtime and increase machine longevity.
We do repairs and maintenance on existing greasing systems and also install new ones from the popular brand Lincoln or any other brand that suits the customer’s taste.

We help enlighten you company staff(DPF Assistants, apprentices, attachment students) with the latest high standard ways of machinery maintenance.

We have the highly skilled personel to attend to your machinery repairs.

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Our team can perform a full range of services. We understand the importance of delivering effective solutions to continually improve our services while maintaining your production schedules.

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